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Product Name: 132kV 3D Wound Core Oil-Immersed Power Transformer
Class: Oil-immersed Transformer

Product Description

Since March 2013, the 132kV 3D wound core power transformer project has completed the process of R&D, trial production, inspection and small batch production with nearly 90-million-yuan investment of last 5 years. We have possess intellectual property rights of 132kV 3D wound core power transformer with more than 30 authorized patents at home and abroad.

Based on a large number of 35kV large capacity distribution technology practice and 110kV 50000kVA 3D wound core power transformer experience, we had improved the design, production process, special manufacturing equipment and completed a 40000kVA 110kV 3D wound core power transformer. The product has passed all the testes in national testing organization at one time, and the important parameters are obviously superior to the conventional laminated transformer of the same capacity.

Comparison between HAIHONG's 40000kVA transformer measured value and Chinese National Standard:

Conventional laminated transformers, especially high-voltage power transformers, are extremely difficult to design and manufacture. However, by changing the structure of the transformer (using a three-dimensional core structure), the transformer can be improved in performance. And it is verified by practice that more energy-saving and material-saving advantages can be found by applying 3D wound core technology to 132 kV power transformer. The 132kV 3D wound core power transformer is more suitable for urban substation and local residents' requirements. It is a new energy-saving and environment-friendly product.

Our market positioning: based on the domestic 110kV 3D wound core power transformer market, closely follow the national “the Belt and Road” strategy to promote the 132kV power transformer market globally. Continue to optimize the advantages of the project products to make it perfect, and lead the international transmission and distribution equipment industry innovation.

Scope of application:

3D wound core oil-immersed power transformers with capacity from 6300kVA to 80000kVA, and voltage of 132kV and below


Low no-load loss and load loss, low no-load current, low sound level, low partial discharge, low periphery electromagnetic field strength, small in size, safe and reliable


S(B)11-M·RL series 132kV 3D Wound Core Oil-Immersed Power Transformer

S(B)13-M·RL series 132kV 3D Wound Core Oil-Immersed Power Transformer

(The voltage regulating method, cooling method, vector groups, wire material of coil, special purpose or special structure can be selected as needed)